Instagram releases the @shop account meant to increase interest in shoppable content

A novelty from Instagram creators it the brand new @shop account controlled by an internal team that analyses shoppable posts from the platform`s app.

The aim is to feature on @shop items that are 100% community-trends driven. The team responsible for @shop will collaborate with the Community Labs team at Instagram to properly spot trends, brands or creators that create an interest in the community, acting as an accurate indicator of what`s gaining popularity on Instagram.

In its beginnings, meaning less than 15 posts, the account promoted items from Feel Jeans, Cafune, The Lip Bar and several others. All the items came with product tags that redirected the user to product pages on the app, featuring both price and a link for those that wanted to buy the product.

Why we should care Why is @shop account important for brands on Instagram?

Mainly, releasing the @shop account means that Instagram is getting closer to its e-commerce initiatives.

The content feature is 100% determined by trends and curated by Instagram`s team. Mostly, this will increase exposure for brands or creators, while determining them to set up their shoppable posts. Besides, it can be viewed as a manner of accessing featured brands and offering them a slight boost with the e-commerce efforts that are constantly done on the app.

Somehow, brands won`t benefit from any type of control in regards to their featured products, but instead they will be dependent on how popular @shop turns out to be amongst its users. The goal is to increase brand exposure on Instagram.

It is still to be determined if the items in Instagram’s Checkout Beta (a program that provides in-app checkout possibilities) will appear on the @shop account. Yet if this happens, it will turn out to be a plus for users who follow a certain account, notice something they would like to buy and simply click to buy it on Instagram.

About the news

  • The @shop account reached more than 16,000 followers in the first 13 hours after release.
  • A particular post that promotes Zyne sandals gained more than 2,800 views.
  • A particular post that promotes Zyne sandals gained more than 2,800 views.

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